Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bats, Bats & More BATS!!!

We learned that our hotel was literally perched along side a colony of one & a half MILLION bats. The second largest urban bat colony, adjacent to our Hyatt under Congress Avenue Bridge. Right within a minute's walk of our front door. We also learned that there was a nightly party at dusk, as folks gathered all around the bridge to watch as they flew from their refuge beneath the bridge and took to a night of scarfing down mosquitos. There was a popsicle man with all natural popscicles. There were at least two fellows selling light sabers. There were several kayak clubs that linked below the bridge. We were told that perhaps the best seats in the house were on top of the bridge watching as they flew out en mass. The good news is that we saw lots & lots of bats. The popscicle man told us that the previous day's deluge of rain, the day we landed at the airport, had put the bats on a later departure...... so no dusk bat departure for us. They waited until it was completely dark. By that time the tour boats had arrived below the bridge and were shining their big lights...... giving THE eeriest strobe light effect that you can imagine. Well worth the wait. Search on YouTube for numerous videos of the black cloud at dusk. Maybe I can get invited back when the females are not in pupping season.

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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