Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Anderson's Dock

Early this evening we went to the grand opening of the newest show in the local art gallery housed inside the Old Anderson Dock Boat House, on the end of the pier at the north end of Ephriam. Right now there's a show that includes a silent auction component. (I bid on one of the brightest paintings that caught my attention..... it would look great in Florida.) The opening was to unveil a collective community piece of 309 individual, 6 by 6 inch canvas tiles. They were created by every stripe of artist, including the whole spectrum from children to professionals & everyone in between..... every possible medium, too. Of course the most fun is to read the years and years of grafitti on the outside walls of the dock house. All these years up here and we've never painted our names on the walls. It's high time to make up for that over sight.
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