Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steeples of Glory

I then walked the eight blocks down Main street to go to the Artisans Craft Exhibition Hall. Passing all of these various churches with their steeples glowing against the southern blue sky was an additional treat. I was in the mood to find some fiber arts, but was delighted instead to find all of the studios over-flowing with glass. The exhibit was also of amazing glass work, from a variety of private collections. There was a Chihuly video playing and all things glass were the order of their day. Alas, no photos allowed. Some seriously delightful color. Well worth the 16 block detour. Then I safely navigated back to my metro train..... which was a lovely amalgamation of humanity -- at the end of the workday. I nearly hugged the concierge upon my return. I was so grateful for his suggestions and directions. Here's to more adventures ahead.
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