Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A VERY windy Arts Day down on the shore. Needless to say, this colorful tent was my favorite. When the wind kicked up and all the flags started flying and twirling, the whole tent 'took off.' They were able to lasso it back to the ground, safely. All of the artists were asked to give 2 demonstrations of their work-in-progress. I loved seeing everyone and hearing their approach toward their work. My favorite activity was at a 'participation' booth that was organized for us to paint a silk scarf. What a great day. High quality work. Amazing demos. Participation. Kid's area: Super-duper day. Oh!! And my dear husband Allen's birthday. We're pictured here at day's end on our premeire trip to The Olde English Inn having a scruptious meal..... my first beef Wellington: five star birthday, indeed.

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